Last Week Was Awesome!

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Last week was seriously great. I got to spend Tuesday in Orange which is always nice (hanging out with Anika in cleaner air and cooler weather= very nice!). It seriously takes about the same amount of time to get to Orange on the Metro as it does for me to get to school in my own city! But I enjoyed it. Thursday night I went to a midnight showing (New Moon; the soundtrack was stellar!) with Alicia and got to watch some seriously upset women freak out on a theatre manager. I was laughing the whole time, because I’m weird like that. Then on Saturday I got to spend the whole day with Bethany and family. We had brunch, went to Borders, ran around looking for a library with books on Georgia O’Keefe. It was good!

In other news, there is no news. Ha! I feel like I still have thousands of years of school left ahead of me. We’ll see how the UC budget cuts affect my transfer… Yikes!


God’s Creativity

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At Sandals Church we’ve been discussing Genesis and the creation of the world over the past 3 weeks or so. I always love Genesis because for me it shows God’s power in the most intense ways. After all, the greatest miracle ever performed was when He spoke the world into existence and everything in it. Without that miracle, the rest wouldn’t have ever happened and would have been unnecessary.

We all connect to God on different levels. Some of us see Him as the greatest Father (which He is). Some see Him as loving and compassionate, a helper and a comforter. He is all of that as well. I always think of God the Father as the Ultimate Artist.

This is for two reasons, really. The first, because He created this universe and everything in it. That is some serious creativity. God was able to make everything from nothing! Artists, artisans, cooks, bakers, seamstresses, and crafts people all get the opportunity to make something from existing materials and we get a huge feeling of release and accomplishment when we complete a project. For God, to have created from nothing has always blown me away! It amazes me daily that He can do such amazing things without the help of existing materials and we can’t make anything without help from tools, materials, plans (usually written to keep us from forgetting something important), etc. and what we create cannot do the amazing things His creations can do. I cannot create a tree. I can plant a seed that already exists in this world and give some love but I can’t just say, “Birch Tree!” and expect one to grow right there before my eyes. What an amazing God! (P.S. I think He started getting a little nuts when He chose the features for the platypus but whatever. His choice, not mine.)

But also, He is the Great Restorer. He restores us to him, taking the wretchedness of our lives and sanding, stripping away layers of unwanted color, staining, etc until we become what we were originally intended to be. Have you ever found something at a yard sale or just sitting in front of someone’s home that they don’t want and are hoping will be “stolen” (I don’t think it’s stealing if they want to get rid of it in this way)? Or have you found something that once belonged to an ancestor that you decide to fix up? I love that feeling of making something ugly or unwanted into something prized and beautiful. Can you imagine how that must make God feel? I think it must be a thousand times greater when we let Him restore us, His children to our intended beauty and purpose.

In many other religions multiple gods are needed to complete these things and most of those gods are created themselves. How much more impressive and more (in my opinion) realistic of someone labeled “GOD” to have never needed creating and to be able to accomplish so many things without aid from another god.

Why I Like Going Places to Work

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Am I the only person who has trouble working at home? Either I wind up feeling lazy and just watch t.v. or I decide it’s finally time to clean the whole house with a toothbrush. So I go leave the house to get work done.

Normally I go to Starbucks because there’s one just down the street from my house. Lately, however, I’ve been getting bored with that and have been hanging out at Borders. I’m not really sure why I suddenly wanted to study at Borders all the time but I think this choice was God-inspired! Not only do I sometimes see my favorite Physics Professor/Book pusher (Diana) but I run into people at the cafe. This last week I’ve run into Rob Vis twice.

Today we started chatting about the Favor of God Ministries. I want to take a moment to tell you all (whoever still reads this) about this wonderful ministry. Favor of God (found at seeks to help not only the spirit but the whole person, holistic ministry. I think this revolutionary! When I was a kid my church constantly brought in missionaries to talk about their work abroad and all they ever talked about was Christian Salvation. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m all for it; after all, Christ did tell us to go into all the world and preach the gospel. My only hang up has always been, what about the rest? Caring for the soul is great, but we are to take care of one another in every way we can; physical, emotional, and economic needs are also highly important. Christ also charged us to care for widows, the fatherless children, the poor. He also commands us to care for one another in community. What better way to improve community between nations than by helping them out in anyway you can. Favor of God helps with HIV prevention, trauma counseling, and even help to set up agriculture so that the people will be able to help themselves.

So if you have two minutes to spare (it won’t kill you guys to just not play facebook games today) go check out the website at

Let me know what you think of it!

Stress and the Body

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So I’m pretty much always busy doing something or going somewhere because I live in a fast paced area. Going to school and working doesn’t really help that much. I’ve started getting severe cramps on the left side of my neck from carrying my purse/school bag. There really isn’t much of a point to this except a chance to complain a small bit about how school is literally a pain in the neck!

Onto other things!

This week Pastor Matt challenged us to put God FIRST. As I was listening to him read a passage of scripture I heard, for the first time,
“Honor the LORD from your wealth
And from the first of all your produce;”
I always knew that we were supposed to tithe first and foremost but the way it read in the NASB version (above) also sounds as though we should give from what we produce. Some of us do only generate wealth in monetary means but some of us create things. Abundant Love has been looking for people to help make quilts for kids in the system. I sew. I put this together and decided that, for me, “the first of all your produce” also applies to all things I produce with my hands and I should be dedicating the first portion to God rather than myself. Also, I always start my day preparing myself for what’s to come but I don’t really include Him in that process. I’ve also decided to start doing a little one on one time with God in the morning before I jet off. The first of everything. Just some thoughts I was thinking.


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So I started up with my new small group last night: WAVE. It’s a relational group for women. Not gonna lie, I was a little freaked out at first, being the youngest woman in a room of 30 or so is my idea of torture. But once we went into our breakout groups, I felt so much better. I knew three of the other women in the circle which really helped. We had a nice discussion, laughed a little, talked about Acts 1 and 2. All in all, things went well. I’m looking forward to going through Paul’s letters and getting to know the women in my breakout group.

What That Says About You Pt. 1

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We all have moments when we look at those around us and think, “Does [he/she] realize how ridiculous that makes [him/her] look?” I sometimes have those moments all day long.

Yesterday there was a young man on campus wearing black shorts and a white shirt, both completely covered in rainbow colored marijuana leaves. Seriously?! I mean, come on. What do you say we try one theme at a time; drugs OR homosexuality. Just sayin’. People kept staring at him, making comments, laughing, pointing. You can just imagine. Then I overheard him ask his friend why everyone was looking at them his friend said, “Because you look like homo, man!” The moral of the story is this: even if you aren’t wearing gay marijuana leaves, look the mirror before you leave the house!

Starting Small

•29 September 2009 • 2 Comments

I’m so excited about the coming Fall! I can feel the weather changing. My scarves have looked so lonely for so long!

I’ve been feeling really loved and blessed lately. I’m trying to soak it up.

Off to make some thank you cards!