On Saturday night I was talking to Joey about how we both believe that there is still a little magic left in the world. The sparkle has not waned completely. How can I believe that all the beauty in this world and wonder and everything I love about it is gone when I can still plainly see it almost everyday.

Tonight my mom and I were pulling into Starbucks and the car in the parking space across from ours was way over their border. The family was getting in so we just waited. It took forever and we were getting annoyed when the oldest son of about 12 opened the door for his mother. It was so sweet. She had clearly not expected it. Her face bloomed with pride and happiness as she got into the driver’s seat. The boy smiled, knowing that he had done something right. It was truly touching to see someone so young acting in such an old manner.


~ by Rose on 12 September 2007.

One Response to “Magic”

  1. That’s awesome! You are so lucky. I am so glad that people still do nice things.

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