Does it have butter in it?

My day so far:

  1. get up at 3:30am for work.
  2. be astounded at the idiocy of americans.
  3. be disappointed by something simple.
  4. come home to a wonderfully warm shower.
  5. be disappointed again.
  6. watch elizabethtown and download the soundtrack. (itunes: saving lives one song at a time)

My day to come (hopefully):

  1. get a little laugh and advice from carrie bradshaw.
  2. nap time.
  3. listen to and memorize elizabethtown soundtrack.
  4. read some more running with scissors.
  5. contemplate homework.
  6. take pavlov for a much deserved walk.

P.S. this woman came into my store this morning and we had the following conversation.

customer: “what is a butter croissant? [pause] does it have butter in it?”

me: blank stare and slight confusion. “uh. well…”

customer: “how is it made?”

me: “well its pastry dough that’s layered with cold butter so that when it cooks its get flaky and a little crispy on the outside. its really good.”

customer: “i guess. but can you warm it up so the butter will melt.”


~ by Rose on 10 October 2007.

One Response to “Does it have butter in it?”

  1. Rose I love you! I feel you girlfriend! OMG I love you!

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