Oxford University, Oxford, England

This coming spring will be the last opportunity I have to study in England. It will cost $7,000 for three months but it includes just about everything and certainly everything expensive (including airfare and most meals). I only have about $80 of it currently and I need the money by the end of the year. I am asking you all to pray for me. This is a HUGE!!!!! opportunity. Thank you.

If you want more info just let me know.Beautiful


~ by Rose on 6 November 2007.

14 Responses to “Oxford University, Oxford, England”

  1. i want to admit in oxford university. please telll me what is qualified that u need.

  2. The school I am currently attending has a study abroad program that is schedule to go to Oxford this Spring. Its through an organization called CAPA. They can be reached at telephone number 1(800)793-0334.

  3. i love oxford because my great king shahu had learned there.most of the my beloved scintist are from it. oxford is asset of world.

  4. ha i want to go to this school like my bad!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. how much money for study in oxford for diploma?

  6. how i can admitt to ur this university

  7. how much does it cost to study media studies?

  8. It doesn’t cost more to study at Oxford than any other University. The tuition is about $ 40,000 a year. It’s not easy getting in, you have to have an A-level a.k.a. 4.0 GPA. They do interview you before getting accepted. So if you meet the standards, be ready to fly out of state to Oxford,GBR.
    Visit their website http://www.ox.ac.uk/

  9. Oxford unversity is the dream college for every citizens of the world but only rich people can have an access to the college becuase of the high tuition fees. But oxford is worth in his fees requirement as it provides the better infrastructure for students studies & personality development. I am in preston college, just a mile away from oxford and even I want to be graduated from the college in the field of genetics & molecular biology. Hope my dream comes true.

  10. I want to become a scientist in the field of molecular biology & I want to complete my carrer education from oxford university. Hope my dreams come true.

  11. Hi All

    This is my dream to study in the Oxford University of England, so may be in the future I’ll try to submit there and also study.
    In Oxford University of England it’s not easy to study, but if you want to keep in touch you can study well. Also I need a scholarship for study there be cause it’s so expensive for me.
    I’ve dream from 1998 until 2008, so it’s a great time and limits. I’ll try to go there and to study well…

  12. I really want to go to Oxford! I have four years to go in school, and i am trying to kick butt!

  13. i’m in middle school now and i’ve set my targets on Oxford.it’ll be competitive but i’m willing to work hard. after all, it’s worth it.

  14. My aim is oxford.I
    Love it .I am crazy about it.

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