I got tagged by Emily!

Okay, so 8 random facts about me:

  1. I love to read but never have enough time for it. So I buy loads of books that I never read.
  2. I’ve thought very seriously about having my last name legally changed to something easier to spell and remember.
  3. When I get nervous or anxious I chew the inside of lip until it bleeds.
  4. I think the only reason I feel that video games are dumb is because I wasn’t allowed to play them as a child.
  5. I always feel much more adventurous than I can actually be due to lack of funds and such.
  6. As a kid, I was pretty sure that I was adopted and that my real family was out there somewhere looking for me. I still kind of feel that way.
  7. I love animals and have a “bad” habit of keeping strays.
  8. I love taking taxis!!!

~ by Rose on 18 December 2007.

One Response to “I got tagged by Emily!”

  1. the great thing about being a working adult is buying your own video games.

    you are not adopted. you are one of us. resistance is futile.

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