What a week!

So I had quite the week.

Sunday- Wake up super early to get to coffee cart, go home after 2nd service, wrap gifts all afternoon, grab a pizza and sorbet for dinner (yeah- totally healthy), watch Narnia and A Christmas Story, read some of my blessed book.

Monday- babysitting for first steps, wrapping presents for impoverished children, mush studying for finals and writing a paper totally last minute.

Tuesday- Art History final (which I totally aced!), coming home to get my book for World Religions only to find that everything of mine is somehow misplaced, hanging out at the plaza, studying at Coffee Depot (yeah I cheat, whatcha gonna do?!), barely making it into class to take my World Religions final, 10 minutes later (no joke) I’m done and leaving to sell my book back, sell book for $38, taco night at El Torrito for the worst long island iced tea of my life, then back home to begin making the curtain to go around the sink since the cabinet is broken.

Wednesday- study for American History final, work, dinner at a shady Chinese restaurant (the best kind), pick up more magic stitch and other important sewing items from Wal-mart cuz it was close, come home and re-pin the ribbon trim on the curtain, study for Sociology final and make notes to use during the test, get some more of my books organized.

Today- get up super early to study, get breakfast at Starbucks, Sociology final and getting extra last minute assignment, try to sell back Sociology book only to discover that its the instructor’s edition and cannot be sold back (confusing because I bought it from the school book store), off to the Lossings, to the airport to pick Jason up (YEAH-YA for the boys being home for the holidays!), Fuddrucker’s for lunch, and then American History final.

Now I’m sitting here. I should be getting ready for work. And just think- its only Thursday!


~ by Rose on 20 December 2007.

One Response to “What a week!”

  1. yeah, I managed to survive my finals without TOO much hassle, although my workload was a lot less. I am jealous of your 10 minute final, though.

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