Heath Ledger part 2

Everyone who knew him should have the chance to say goodbye to someone they loved. No one has the right to defame a person after death! That is poor taste! I thought conservatives were supposed to believe in propriety! Everyone who thinks these men are right needs to think about how they would feel if this was someone they loved! I am ashamed of my fellow Christians and fellow Republicans if they feel that this is acceptable behavior!

Read the story below the picture, I have to agree with everyones sentiments. To protest someones funeral, just because they where gay (Lord help us…NOT GAY!!!), shows a lack of Gods love. I dont see how being Gay is any bigger of a sin, then being a liar, or a glutton, or a thief, which most everyone has commited one, or more of these sins, so he who is with out sin…cast the first stone.

The “Reverend” Fred Phelps’s Westboro Baptist Church announced plans to protest at the funeral of Heath Ledger.


The “God Hates Fags” hatemongers will picket the decease Aussie actor’s funeral because he is a pervert who promoted homosexuality by appearing as a gay man in Brokeback Mountain.

We wish we could laugh at this stupidity, but it just makes us angry!

Heath may not have been perfect, but he doesn’t deserve this.

Also! I love gay men! They are some of the best girlfriends anyone could ask for! Plus- look at all the developments they’ve made into areas of decor, fashion, cosmetics, culture, literature, and even art. And if you don’t like the subject matter of scary movie- you don’t go. If you don’t like the subject matter of a love story because it involves homosexuality- DON’T FREAKING GO!!!!!!

Yeah, I’m pretty mad! Especially since God doesn’t hate gay men or women! He hates the act but not the person! Read your Bible!


~ by Rose on 23 January 2008.

7 Responses to “Heath Ledger part 2”

  1. I loved Heath….i will be miss him…

  2. pay tribute to him http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sgIqpIKGh70

  3. Heath era um ator maravilhoso, é muito triste saber que um dos melhores e unicos atores que realmente tinha talento tenha morrido tão jovem.
    Ele concerteza fara muita falta nas telonas, mas mesmo com o seu pouco tempo de carreira, ele deixou nos marcou com papeis marcantes, que ficarão pra sempre em nossos corações.
    Descanse em paz!
    De uma grande fã sua.

  4. The whole thing was ridiculous. Just for thinking that, they’ll probably go to hell and for picketing they’ll serve eternally just like they said HE would. No one knows where he is. All we can do is pray that he’s in Heaven, which I truly believe he is.
    It does say in the bible that homosexuality is a sin, but I don’t think that rule really applies anymore. There are lots of gay people but God loves them all.
    And, for the love of God, Heath wasn’t even gay! He was like, the straightest guy there was. Which is how and why he had the balls to play that part.

  5. All i know is im a good person due to guiding him to the white light, Reiki does some good. I love you, heath! See ya when you come back! ~karma mystiqué

  6. That´s ridiculous stuff about gay men….I disagree, for sure.
    And Heath is just an actor! stupid people! and if he was gay, what´s the matter??! I can´t understand, seriously.
    Heath Ledger I´ll always love you.

  7. I am a gay man and don’t you all know that this abberation is
    neither psychological nor in the domain of choises but purely
    genetical and hypophysical(intracerebral), thus a “given” as
    shortsightedness, ridiculousness or overzellousness. Heath was a
    beautiful being and accepting his death is difficult and painfull.
    An overshadowing of his death by a ridiculous and archaic discussion on sexual preference is dumb, unconfessional and
    needless. Go with your times, you’all. Heath did, as a heterosexual guy playing an intricately emotional gay. The
    american society is calvinistic and pornographic. I am happy to
    be gay with a straight twin brother! All the tokens are
    reductionistic and totally wrong. Wake up everybody or go
    fuck yourselves.

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