In Regards to the Last Post

Check out the information I found on this So-called Reverend. I can’t believe that he has the balls to protest Heath Ledger’s funeral and he’s a registered DEMOCRAT!!!! I’m not saying that its wrong to be a democrat, just that I really want to know what Hilary Clinton would say about this! Ugh! I already basically have no faith in humanity and this just makes it worse! He is anti-Semitic, anti-Irish, and anti-Swedish! Who the eff is anti- Swedish! What a freak!


~ by Rose on 23 January 2008.

2 Responses to “In Regards to the Last Post”

  1. yep he is a horrible man! his daughter is no better she’s kinda his spokesperson. Just dumb as a stump and ass backwards. it sucks that the crazy christians are the ones that get all the media!

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