I know that this is not the time of year that most people think of what they are thankful for but I just wanted to share something positive with you guys.

What I’m Thankful For 25 January 2008:

  1. A job that lets me put school first.
  2. People that leave me in stitches every time we hang out.
  3. Friends who understand my appreciation for some of the darker/unconventional things in life. (Indie films about crazy French people, movies filmed in black and white for effect, books about the physical and mental ailments of the Caesars, Sylvia Plath, etcetera)
  4. My cynicism. (Mainly because when I see that gas prices have gone so far down and I say things like, “It’s because they’re mixing it with kitty litter and turning it into napalm.” I get the most amazing varieties of reactions!)
  5. That RCC Deans and other faculty advisers in their infinite wisdom, have finally taken me off academic probation.
  6. After Winter Intercession 2008 (ending 14 Feb) I will be half way done with my associates in Art History!
  7. Peanut Butter.
  8. Some of the coolest co-workers anyone could ask for.
  9. Buying new music.

I know traditionally I should come up with one more to make it a nice round ten but I think I’ll rebel! (Or is rebellion the tenth thing I am thankful for and I’m saying it in a less conventional/straight forward way?)


~ by Rose on 25 January 2008.

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