Meet the Spartans and Borat

    So James and I went to see Meet the Spartans last night. We were really hoping to see Sweeney Todd but it is only playing matinee now. Sad times. It started off funny but any movie with Carmen Electra as a main character is already set up for problems. I gave it a few courtesy laughs but I didn’t find it all that amazing. (James’ response to me making courtesy laughs: “Women are naturally inclined to fake it.” “Not all women,” says I!!!) However, like Borat, it is difficult to watch but incredibly good fun to quote!

In other news, I’m dying. I have this horrible sinus infection that makes me feel like I have Tuberculosis because I did not discover it until it had traveled into my lungs. Wonderful!


~ by Rose on 27 January 2008.

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