My Health

Okay. I have kidney problems. Non-specific kidney issues that sometimes cause me a great deal of pain and/or sickness. I’ve known for years that shedding some pounds would be a great benefit to me but I just never really had the motivation. Recently, however, I found it. What did it take? One really long walk home from school and the creation of a motivational board featuring all the pretty clothes from all my favorite designers (yeah, I’m a clothes snob) and all the women I think are beautiful and healthy looking. No Ally McBeal allowed. What have I gotten out of it so far? Well, a few weeks ago I dug out some one-size-smaller jeans, just to see. And… THEY FIT!!!! Only because I am infinitely retarded, I decided to dry them. Yep. They shrunk. Today, I put on a pair of those dried-to-being-even-smaller-one-size-smaller-jeans. THEY FIT AGAIN!!!! So I know I can take all the credit here; I made the board, walked the almost 6 miles, and decided that all things not heart healthy needed to go. However, I think I’m going to give the credit elsewhere. Thank you to all of you who have encouraged me. Thank you Mandy Moore for being beautiful and not a size 0. Thank you to whomever invented the balance ball. Thank you Jimmy Choo for creating such perfect stilettos. To God be the Glory for my transformation. I had to truly and honestly give my everything away before you could do this for me. Thank you to the bestie, too, although he will never read this. (Damn his hatred and confusion over the internet!!!) Thanks for making me laugh till my sides burst over the “b-b-q.” Thank you for fully understanding my crazy and knowing how to lay low when I’m angry over nothing. You rock, dude!!!


~ by Rose on 3 February 2008.

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  1. good for you!

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