R.I.P. Phil

I love gardening. I like getting my hands dirty (I’m still about 5 years old). Just out of high school I bought this philodendron. It was so little! Only about 2 inches at his base. I have had him ever since. I named him Phil, short for his Latin name. Well, last week he was looking a little yellow (and now about 3 feet in diameter) so I put him outside before I left for work. I made sure to tell my mom and Lance both that he needed to come inside when it started to get dark. They both said that they would make sure he was put back in the living room. I didn’t notice when I got home that he wasn’t inside. I was tired and needed to wash the coffee smell off. The next morning I was leaving for school and when I got in the car James said, “Why is Phil outside?” I looked over and saw that he was still sitting on the chair out front. “Seriously?! How cold was it last night?” I went to look at him and he was very withered from the 30* weather. Yeah, I was mad. So I let him get a little more sun hoping that it would help to overcome the frostbite. Nope. I trimmed what I could of his brown, shriveled leaves. I didn’t want to take too much because this is his “flowering” season (philodendron don’t actually flower they just get more leaves.) I waited a week. I have been trying to nurse him back to health but today I noticed that he was definitely dying. Everything that was brown before was hard now and everything that was still green was now brown. I cut into one of the larger branches to see if there was any green left at all and none. So now he is sitting in a trash bag and his pot looks so lonely! I bought a new philodendron from Lowe’s. This one is not ever going to be left in my families charge! The new one is named Henry, after The Time Traveler’s Wife.


~ by Rose on 12 February 2008.

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