The Cable Decision

I almost never watch television. I love CSI (Las Vegas only!), Crossing Jordan, and a few sitcoms that are on regular television. My mom watches Dr. Phil and Oprah. At night we sit down in front of the television and say, “There’s nothing on. There’s never anything on!” Then we turn the cable box off and watch a movie. Why do we have cable? Apparently just so that I can have the internet. Well, in a short time I will be getting AT&T for free through the contracts that we have developed with them. *YES!!!!!* I have decided that I don’t like television so much. I waste my time watching things that don’t matter. So after discussing at length for a few days we have decided that as soon as we get the internet thing squared away with work, we will be canceling our cable. I actually am really happy about this! I pay the internet portion of the bill and now that will be $30/month more for me to save (or spend). My mom pays about $80 for the television portion of the bill that we are going to use on Netflix (Woo-whoo!!!!) which is only about $20 a month and is really all we want anyway. I’ve wanted Netflix for a while but couldn’t afford it because of the cable bill. I am actually pretty excited about this!


~ by Rose on 5 March 2008.

One Response to “The Cable Decision”

  1. yay how exciting! hey whens starbucks makin the switch? we wanna go with att for everything and that would make our hearts so happy if we could get internet at starbucks on the same bill as our home internet! yay for coffee and surfin the net! ;o)

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