Irish Fest

I don’t know if many people know this but Riverside is full of festivals. Orange Festival, Date Festival (random, right?!), Blossom Fest, ect. Then there are the other festivals that happen in the Inland Empire: Fall Festival (actually one for every season but Fall is the best), county fairs, and Irish Fest. Irish Fest is my favorite! They serve strong tea and coffee, soda bread, corned beef sandwiches, and of course every type of Irish beer and ale that you can imagine. There are ancestry researchers, fortune tellers, everything that’s fun about festivals and more. This year Irish Fest was March 8th and 9th. WTF is that? Its in honor of St. Patrick’s Day and that isn’t until the 17th! Come on Pamona Fairplex! LET THE IRISH HAVE THEIR DAY!!!! Last year it came early as well. I just don’t know.


~ by Rose on 12 March 2008.

One Response to “Irish Fest”

  1. I know that totally pissed me off!!! I could not believe it I checked on the 8th and just could not believe it!! I mean really now come on! grrr…. if we can have an orange blossom out in down town we should have an Irish festival out here too. Screw Pomona and their insane festival dates. ;o)

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