I know I’ve been neglecting you guys for a while. Not writing as much, not reading as often. I apologize.

What’s really on my mind? People. People thinking that they are protecting me from some feeling of loneliness that I’m just not going to feel. I really hate it when people you don’t really like that much but can tolerate long enough to work with make plans in hushed voices like they are hurting your feelings. Nope. I have real friends! Just because I talk to you when we work together doesn’t mean I think we’re best friends. A certain friend of mine and I don’t make our plans so quietly. We just make ’em. Why? Because we know you have other friends just like we have other friends. AND!!!!! I don’t really like Taco Tuesday at El Torrito. I only do Taco Tuesday at Del Taco with Zander when we sneak tacos into the movie theatre. UGH! Even worse are the sympathetic looks they gave me after I said, “You don’t have to have beer. Try the Blue Mesa Margarita, its pretty good.” It’s just a suggestion! If I want to go to El Torrito, I’ll go on Friday night with James so that I don’t have to pay for my drinks or food. Yeah, I’m a freeloader, what? Moral of the story? Don’t assume that everyone wants to be best friends with you! Especially when its someone who is anti-social and only talks because it makes time go by faster. It annoys me when people look at me like, “Sorry! We just don’t want to invite you!”

P.S. I would have declined anyway. Not working that night. No school that night. No plans. In the words of  Greg Behrendt, I’m just not that into you!


~ by Rose on 2 April 2008.

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