Birthday Blues

Today should have been Heath Ledger’s 29th birthday. (If you didn’t already know, I am a huge fan! Always have been.) So sad. Just my little tribute to an amazing actor.

Heath Ledger

The week after next Natali are going to finally have our Heath Ledger Film Festival.


~ by Rose on 4 April 2008.

2 Responses to “Birthday Blues”

  1. sad times. :`(

  2. hello there!

    would like to leave a comment, but couldn’t find anything to commnent about. Two opptions, or there’s something wrong with my compu or there really was nothing for me to see.
    But I’m convinced you gave a great tribute to Heath!
    Still can get my head around this sudden, stupid, heartbreaking, tragic, accidental dead of Heath. He’s a loss to this world.
    Someone who made this world a little more beautifull!!!
    Let me know what happened to your tribute, or was it my computer after all????
    you can reach me at my internet or myspace site

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