Please pay attention to my personal space

Warning: Pointless blog about to take place. Just a little confused ranting.

I hate (honestly hate) working customer service. I am exposed to every cold/flu germ, every woman that wears too much perfume, and every creep imaginable. Earlier this week a regular came in (he’s a bit weird and pretty creepy) and asked me about my hair. As I recently dyed it a more natural looking color (no more orange!) this wasn’t too random. However, it is wholly inappropriate for a 40-something man to say to a 20-something girl, “This is way hotter. I’d do you.” Ew. I just said, “Nope. No thanks.” Freak. Then some other dude decided to literally caress my hand while handing me his money. I pulled my hand away as quickly as possible and when I gave him his changed I just kind of dropped it from about a foot higher than I would normally hold my hand. Why do men in their 40s think its acceptable to do these things? Its not age appropriate. Sorry if this blog seems pointless but I had to get it off my chest. I still can’t help but picture the look on that guy’s face when he was giving me his money. NOT OKAY! I (as well as my female coworkers) deal this kind of violation all the time. Although to my knowledge no one else has ever actually been touched by any of our customers. This is especially disgusting to me I think because I have such big issues with personal space. I don’t even let my family hug me. My best friend doesn’t hug me except on holidays and birthdays. And even then neither of like being touched, especially by strangers. I had one of my bosses say something to a man once when he had repeatedly made very impertinent comments to me while I was trying to work. He said to Shaun, “I pay over $4 every time I get coffee here. I expect a little fun with it.” He was asked to either straighten up or not come back. It was still hell after he stopped because then he would make hateful comments. Not that I mind if he hates me- just don’t swear at me for expecting decency. I call these Amanda Palmer days. By the time you turn 20 you should have a pretty good idea about what is improper business procedure and when flirtations (and with whom) are becoming. Bethany and I used to joke about this all time. Forty year old men love me. I hate it though. I’m already a shy person and things like this just way overstep my boundries. I know that there are laws and all of that but in these situations there is just no way to really pursue a legal case. And besides, I don’t want compensation. I don’t want anything to do with these men ever again. I just don’t want to see them.

Sorry this was so long. Just needed to get it out.


~ by Rose on 16 April 2008.

One Response to “Please pay attention to my personal space”

  1. ick. I just SIT at starbucks all the time and 40-somethings hit on me. I was taking a picture of my straight hair the other day and this 40-ish guy was like, “hey, I’ll take pictures of you, if you like….” and I was just like, “ick, ick, ick!!!!” *shudder* men are disgusting.

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