As if I don’t talk enough about Starbucks…

Starbucks is bringing back two of my lost favorites. Banana and Mint chocolate syrup! This means Mint Mocha Chip Banner

I am so freaking excited! It should be available sometime in May (I think). frapps

Now, how tasty does that look? This drink first came out summer 2005 when I first started working at the Bux. I’m also pretty enthused about Banana. I have wanted a Banana Mocha Frappuccino for months! There is some possibility that coconut is coming back. This gives me hope that my beloved Valencia could come back. (VENTI BLACK ICED TEA WITH 4 PUMPS VALENCIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)


~ by Rose on 18 April 2008.

2 Responses to “As if I don’t talk enough about Starbucks…”

  1. OMG!!! I am so excited!!!

  2. that is EXTREMELY exciting. lt’d be weird if I ordered one of those at MY starbucks, though. They’d freak out. I ALWAYS get earl grey in the morning and iced black tea, no sugar after that. I think Jess would have a coronary…. lol. I’ll have to sneak out to another starbucks…. or order one on my b-day. or maybe I’ll just come out to RIV and beg YOU to make me one… = )

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