Let’s hear it for planet earth, the best planet in the world!

Wednesday was the Wiltern. The Dresden Dolls were amazing! I was completely overwhelmed from the moment they came out to introduce the Mistress of Ceremonies…….. MARGARET CHO!!!!! She is hilarious and she’s even better in person! Smoosh and Lavender Diamond were the opening acts. I had heard that Smoosh wasn’t so great but I actually rather enjoyed them. If Hanson had been female (in more than appearance) and had been able to play their instruments they would have been Smoosh. An eleven year old bass player!!! And she rocked it! Then Lavender Diamond came out. Lavender Diamond plays very whimsical music. I love it but it is as completely different from the Dresden Dolls as can be. She came out in a tiara and a flowy purple dress reminiscent of a Disney Princess. She was seriously on something! She was listless and kept saying, “I love you guys! You guys are the b-best audience ever,” and, “Let’s hear it for planet earth, the best planet in the whole world!” I loved her. I was totally afraid though that the rest of the audience would be inappropriate. They were totally cool though. While we were waiting for THE DRESDEN DOLLS!!! to come out Liam Sullivan (and Kelly) came out as a cliched lesbian and sang quite possibly the funniest song I have ever heard about her love for Amanda. I could have died! THEN……… THE DRESDEN DOLLSSSSS!!! I was convinced I would have no voice left after the show. Brian is even hotter in person and Amanda’s voice is killer! KILLER!!! Her upscale Bostonian accent is beautiful. Brian left the drums for a while to sing and play guitar when they did a Beatsie Boys cover. It was outrageous! At any moment I could have had a heart attack and died the happiest person in the world! Amanda came out and walked in the pit! If had forced a tiny lady out of the way I could have touched her. (I was still vaguely composed.) I was over-stimulated and overwhelmed to put it lightly. The next time they come into town, I WILL be hitting that up!!!


~ by Rose on 23 May 2008.

One Response to “Let’s hear it for planet earth, the best planet in the world!”

  1. fun times!!

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