My Beloved!

Okay- I love tattoos. This is no secret. I love people that have them, I love looking at them, I love talking about them and I certainly love getting them. I have decided on my next two tattoos. I say the next two because I will most likely get both around the same time. The first one that I’ll be getting is the lotus I’ve been talking about for some time. The second is a surprise. I’ve told a few people about it but still. I’m excited. I just need to find a willing artist… So! Come September I am going to try to take some time off work to get these things done. I also think I’ll pierce my nose again around this time. I loved it and miss it- plus, I still have all my rings from before. So here is my proposal: Tattoo gift certificates/Visa gift certificates. For all birthday gifts this year the only thing I want is either cash or credit card gift certificates if you live far from Riverside. If you are in this area- please for the love of pete! all I want is gift certificates to EMPIRE TATTOO. This is really always the case. I love gifts but what I love more is gift cards. Back to what I really love though. For those of you that know about my so far secret tattoo idea- let me know if you know an artist willing to do it. If it comes down to it I will go to Kat Von D but I’d like to have it done locally. I seriously can’t wait to unveil it! The more I think about it, the more I want it!


~ by Rose on 27 May 2008.

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