What a week!

This week has been… interesting. Monday was good. We went to the caf. for lunch since its now reopened for summer sessions. I love the caf. even when they’re a little off. Tuesday was my last day of classes (lectures anyway- I still have finals). Tuesday was also the day that all the awkwardness in the previous post occurred. BUT- despite that situation I had a great time spending the night at Natali’s. We watched La Vie En Rose which was wonderful in all its sad splendor! We didn’t speak during the entire movie! I think I need to own it. We had amazing sushi for dinner which also made my day better. The crunch roll rocked and the baked scallop was out of this world! We also tried spicy yellow tail which is way better than spicy tuna! With Starbucks truffles for dessert which we decided didn’t count as overindulgence because it was research for work. The next morning we had very tasty bagels and fresh Pike Place Roast and juice. It was more of a brunch than breakfast because we woke up so late. We watched Holes and Cars when we got back. (I beat Taylor at Go Fish! Only twice then she kicked my butt!) After that I had to babysit which was fun because Ashton vacuumed for me. I’ve never before met a 3 year old that liked cleaning so much. He kept saying, “Mommy is gonna be so proud of me when she sees me!” It was awesome. Thursday I opened and stayed late to help train the new guy. It was fun because I was tired which made me hyper and over-talkative. Oh well. What a first impression. Then I had sushi again for lunch (I can’t help it). I took my Philosophy final in 15 minutes which was awesome. Today I am sitting at Starbucks “studying”. I have to work tonight and tomorrow night but I’m actually off on Sunday! Sweet! I haven’t had a Sunday off in quite a while. Maybe I’ll take Athena to the park. She hasn’t been able to go in over a week.


~ by Rose on 6 June 2008.

One Response to “What a week!”

  1. Hey Rose,

    Just wanted to send a little encouragement your way, and tell you thank you for taking care of Hannah and Owen on Monday’s. Bethany told me what Hannah said about the Barbies! :0( Needless to say the Barbies are in time out in my room now. No worries. :0)

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