For the next two weeks- yep two weeks- I will be internet and television fasting. This means that I will be watching absolutely no t.v. (with the exception of a movie I rented yesterday and haven’t yet seen) and not going online except to possibly work on some stuff I promised to do for the coffee cart. This means that I will have to find alternative (and most likely healthier) ways of entertaining myself. I will not be keeping you updated until its over. ;o) I’m actually pretty excited about this.

In other news- Today I went down to Borders (a favorite spot of mine) and decided to go over to see a friend at work since she also works at the Plaza. Her boss is notorious for making her work alone which was the case today. We talked a while, just random girl talk, and then it got pretty busy. NO JOKE! I TOTALLY WENT BEHIND THE COUNTER to help her! Her boss wouldn’t care but still! I thought it was amazing!


~ by Rose on 15 June 2008.

2 Responses to “Fasting”

  1. hehe! well good luck with no internet! I know I’d die!! but I have faith in you! we you gonna bill borders for you time. 😉

    btw I’ll miss you at lunch today!!

  2. That is so cool. Where does your friend work?

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