Conviction and Striving for a Better Way of Life

The internet/television fast went quite well! I did a superb job at not cheating so that makes me happy! I have a ton of Without Trace episodes waiting to be seen though. I think after being away so long its going to be harder getting back into television than it was to stop. Thanks to Bethany, Rachel, and Ali for the support.

Not being online has meant that I haven’t been able to tell you guys about my recent life changing experience. Its not an experience such as, “I was falling down a cliff at the Grand Canyon when suddenly…” No. This is more of a learning experience. Matt Brown has been doing a series called Road Trip the past few weeks which, for me at least, fits in so well with the TXT series we just finished. TXT was all about getting into the bible. Not just reading it but reading it, studying, knowing it and therefore knowing God. For me it was the perfect precursor to Road Trip which is about having faith- true faith- and trusting God to lead you in the right direction even when things seem bad or unclear. I’ve been feeling lately that I need more good Christian friends. Honestly, I don’t have many. I have friends that are Christians but most of them aren’t very close friends. Then He brought me Rachel. She’s not perfect and not claiming to be but she knows where she stands in her faith. That is so inspiring to me. He’s also been bringing certain other friends into my mind more often; friends like Anika, Alicia, and the other Alicia who I haven’t seen in a while but also strive to make themselves into better Christians and consequently better people. I’ve set a few goals for myself and I’ve already started working on them. Next time you see me, ask me about them. Then after that, ask me how I’m doing constantly. CONSTANTLY! You won’t sound redundant.


~ by Rose on 29 June 2008.

2 Responses to “Conviction and Striving for a Better Way of Life”

  1. I know how you feel. I need more close, Christian friends too. And strong Christians. Not Sunday Christians. Christians who challenge me.

  2. we should spend more time together. i have been loving this sermon series on faith and have been very challenged. way to go on the fast by the way!

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