First Trip to the Beach of Summer 2008 and Plans for the future

Yesterday morning Anika and I went to the Beach. It was the perfect day to go because it was super hot here in the IE but at 11am it was still fairly chilly in Huntington. We laid out for a little while and dug for (HUGE) sandcrabs with some random little kids. I went swimming twice which was awesome. While we were there Anika invited me to go to Cabo San Lucas with her this summer! I am so there! I haven’t been on vacation in years and the last time I took “vacation time” I spent it doing homework. Its going to be quite reasonably priced and one of the guys going with us speaks fluent Spanish so we’re set! Plus, we’ll be in a resort so the water will be alright. Thursday and Friday we are also heading to the beach. We need to get used to being in the sun before we go to Mexico and burn to a crisp on vacation.

Here are some pictures of the resort we’ll be staying at.
Fiesta Americana

~ by Rose on 1 July 2008.

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