Getting Primed for Mexico

I saw Jonny’s passport today- all new and shiny- and I can’t wait to get mine. I feel like I have a lot to do in the five weeks I have until I leave: get as tanned as possible so I don’t burn too badly, get as fit as possible, finish the passport process, get a card on my mom’s Costco account, replace my green flip flops (r.i.p. dear ones!), and hopefully go shopping for a few new things to wear. It may not seem like a lot but it feels like it. I can’t wait though! Anika and I looked at pictures today from her past trips and really got my mouth watering! We’re going to try to take certain spices and condiments over the border… we’ll see. I’ll talk to my mom’s travel agent again if need be. I’m definitely going to be taking a pound of coffee over. Jonny and I cannot go a week without coffee (that’s a fate worse than death! I couldn’t wish it on my worst enemy!) and Anika wouldn’t want to.

I also happened to cut my toe today. This is not a normal cut. Its small and thin like a paper cut a little deep but not too bad. However (pause for dramatic effect) its on the under side of toe near the ball of my foot. In other words, every time I take a step the part of the toe that stretches to allow the movement comes open. Ew. Ow. Ew. Oh well. What can be done?


~ by Rose on 7 July 2008.

One Response to “Getting Primed for Mexico”

  1. i pray the passport gets taken care of before the trip sometimes they can take a long time. sucks about your toe could it be in a worse spot? I think not.

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