The (Mis)Adventures of Dieting

Background to my story: Weird things happen when you diet. I’ve been doing the MUFA thing for about three days now. MUFAs are Monounsaturated Fatty Acids. This means that I get to eat all those wonderful things I love most: cashews (or really any kind of nut), pepitas (seeds), olive oil/safflower oil (most but not all oils are okay), avocados, green olives (all olives work but my faves are the Spanish), and (I’m not the biggest fan but at least its dessert) chocolate. Part of why I’m doing this is because these fats are really good for your skin and hair and *bonus* these help reduce belly fat. How? I’m not a doctor so don’t ask me. My doc explained it when I called her about it but it was confusing. Also, these fats are heart healthy which is cool. On top of this I’ve been working on getting back into running. I go for a 35 minute walk almost everyday and tomorrow I will be taking Athena and she and I will run home! Yay! I’ve also been working on getting my skin in better shape. Most people still think I have great skin but I see how its different from what it used to be and I want to get it back into shape. This means lots of cleansing things like fiber, water, tea, and herbs. The main herb/tea that I’ve been drinking is Yerba Mate. This cleans!

The diet is super easy. I still basically get to eat whatever I want with a little moderation while adding or substituting foods with a high MUFA count. My mom found a few recipes in a diabetic magazine she gets and the rock! The weird thing is that if I brush my teeth then eat a regular meal I feel the need to brush my teeth again because of all the plaque that collects on them. With all the fat in my meals now, I don’t know what happens but it doesn’t feel nearly as nasty. Maybe that was TMI but whatever. The extra walking is making my legs really fat but not fatter. My jeans fit the same on my calves and all but they look massive to me. Maybe my knees are shrinking and the comparison is what I notice… I don’t know. Drinking all this water makes me have to pee all the time which is rather obvious. We all know what fiber does. The Yerba Mate however is not what I expected. The first day I drank it I had to poop A LOT. (TMI again?) But now its making me feel hungry a lot more often. I don’t know if that’s normal but I don’t really care because my skin looks better already. I didn’t wear any make up today (except mascara) and no one noticed. Sweet! That’s about all for now. I just thought you guys might want to know about the inner workings of my intestines (“intestines” should be said like you’re quoting Waking Ned Divine).


~ by Rose on 14 July 2008.

2 Responses to “The (Mis)Adventures of Dieting”

  1. hehe love the TMI. i think very little stuff is actually tmi. so it’s all good. πŸ™‚ and don’t worry I did say intestines right. you can count on me to read your blog with the inflection and emphasis that you would use. πŸ˜€

  2. I love that about you! I figured you knew. Its only the best part of that movie! That and when you find out who the father of the kid is. That’s shocking.

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