Good food, Family, Frustration, and A SALE!!!

Amira is my favorite customer. With the exception of the really hot tattooed guy that comes in at like 10 am. I love Amira. She is the coolest little lady ever. She brings us food, invites us over for dinner, has a really hot closeted gay son (John and I are the only ones that see this apparently), and tells all about her English lessons. Some of the new people at the store can’t understand her through her thick Arabic accent so sometimes I order her drink for her when I see her and I’m not working. (If I am I already know what she wants.) Today she brought me fatayer (one of my favorites) and warak inab (known as dolmas to the greek world). Best dinner I have had all week. I told Amira about the MUFA diet yesterday and she got so excited and said, “See! My food isn’t just good its goooood!” LOL. Its true though, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern foods fit in quite well with this diet. My absolute favorite thing she has brought us is tabouleh. Its a salad/salsa type dish. I love it! I’ll have to learn to make this stuff on my own.

Also, my grandpa is off the oxygen tank! He lost some weight and his doctor said that there was no reason he should have to spend all that money and have the hardship of carrying it around anymore. His heart seems to be doing a better job of carrying the oxygen into his body and his lungs have apparently cleared enough from when he had pneumonia to bring in more oxygen. Very good.

I’m still really frustrated about some other things right now. Work is still… That’s really all I can say for now. Then Tuesday things between James and I got worse/weirder. I don’t know anymore. I think I’m seriously done this time. I called Natali the next morning about The Kite Runner (explain in a minute) so I told her all about it. She agrees that he might be a Bipolar Schizophrenic in the beginning stages of Early Onset Alzheimer’s with a dash of good old fashioned psychotic. I seriously can’t seem to find the time to properly do my laundry so there’s piles (they actually used to be piles but now are just mixed together) of jeans, shirts, teeshirts, underwear, clean things, dirty things, questionable things, things to be gotten rid of and miscellaneous items of the cloth persuasion somehow related to clothing. I really am starting to turn into a neat freak- unfortunately I’m a busy neat freak that can’t afford a maid. I feel like I’m not going to have time to go back to school in the Fall which scares me a little but I also know how I feel about school and that in all reality that just will not happen!

In the words of Natali and her ninja friend: *le sigh*

However! I finally got Eat, Pray, Love yesterday and Cure for the Common Life today. I can’t to read them. They’re next on my list. Plus- Starbucks is currently having a massive sale on cds and dvds from previous promos. These magical- albeit select- items are 7.95 right now and with my discount and the tax I got The Kite Runner for 5.99!!!! I also considered getting the new Jack Johnson. I haven’t yet and don’t think I will after all. We’ll see.


~ by Rose on 18 July 2008.

2 Responses to “Good food, Family, Frustration, and A SALE!!!”

  1. glad you grandpa is doing better!!

    sorry about james and work!

  2. I’m going to be very upset if you read Eat, Pray, Love before I do… Very upset…

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