I’m in Love…

Most people fall in love with people but right now I am totally psyched about itunesU. If you don’t know what I’m talking about you’re missing out- for real college courses on itunes for free. I’m sure actually being enrolled in the class makes these guides a little more useful but you know what? I still love it! I’m going to spend this next month going over Virgil. I’m also downloading a course on literature of the Enlightenment Era. I don’t know how I haven’t discovered this before. Obviously I won’t get the credit for doing the class but it fits in nicely with my need for useless knowledge.

Also- I found organic frozen fruit at Trader Joe’s. I love it! I’m trying really hard to eat primarily organic foods. Last night for dinner my mom and I made fajitas, salsa, guacamole, and rice. The only ingredients not grown in our yard or a friend’s yard were the avocados, chicken, and rice. It was awesome. Tomorrow I’m going to go through our cupboards to get rid of anything with High Fructose Corn Syrup or anything Partially Hydrogenated. My boss doesn’t understand this. We were eating lunch the other day and she offered me some of her fries. I said no because, well, I don’t eat them. She said, “If you’re trying to loose weight, my doctor says that you should start by working out a little then choose a diet from there.” I told her that I stopped eating fries because there are much healthier ways of eating potatoes than french fries. She looked at me like I was nuts.


~ by Rose on 4 August 2008.

One Response to “I’m in Love…”

  1. Rose, you are really my hero in life. I can’t even explain it. You give me hope for our sad little world. lol

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