I feel like some weight is lifting

First off: A HUGE HUGE HUGE shout out to Ali and Bethany for all your comments. I love you guys. Ali- you need to come up here for a weekend. Then again, I am the “jobless” one now so maybe I’ll come see you!

On to the Bog!
Most people would say that the way I left Starbucks is dumb because of the job security and all that mumbo jumbo. However, not a single person has told me I made the wrong decision. A few friends have been skeptical but everyone seems okay with it. Here’s my thing: Why not? Why stress about it? I’ve always been good at taking care of myself and getting out of any tough situations that I get myself into (and believe me- I’m good at getting into tough situations). I feel like a weight has lifted. Or is lifting. Before I put in my two weeks I would get four days in a row off and spend the whole time dreading going back to work. Its been that way for a long time and is only getting worse now that these 600 stores are closing. (Mine isn’t one of the ones on this list.) I don’t have a problem being challenged to work harder so that’s not it. I just do it. Now I only feel stressed while I’m there. It doesn’t exhaust my day. I got off work today and talked to Ranee about books for a while. She had dropped a few off for me to borrow. Then I got told by John that I should have hair on my chest (I was drinking kind of a hard core drink) and Manolo giggled in the way only Manolo can giggle. (God bless them! They are my favorite couple outside of Bethany and Daniel.) After that, I came home and played with Athena for a while. Normally I would have been too tired. She has a lot of energy but I was totally up for it despite having to put the order away today as well as a retail shipment. After a bit of meandering around this part of town Rachel and I went to the Art Walk on University and sat at Back to the Grind for about an hour. The stress was wearing me out in ways I didn’t even realize. I’m taking on a couple more babysitting jobs and considering not taking the Sears job because well, babysitting was paying my bills in full before and now I’m adding a few more days. And that’s just for Michelle.

On the other side of things: There is one thing giving me a bit stress right now. Those of you that pray please pray for me right now. I’m in the painful process of ending a very long relationship. Things have just gotten too ridiculous and no matter what I say or don’t say, no matter what I do or don’t do things don’t change. Better yet- pray for him. He needs to get help for some things (as do I in all honesty) that he doesn’t even see as a problem because, as he once said, “I’m young. This is what people do at this age and you’re being a hypocrite.” Not to mention how confusing everything has become.

Okay- I’m going to go listen to Tegan and Sara and pass out.


~ by Rose on 7 August 2008.

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