New Music and Cleaning

I’ve never really been into Au Revoir Simone but today I downloaded the Dedication soundtrack and there’s this song called Stay Golden on it. O-M-G! It. Is. Amazing. She almost sounds like Azure Ray (whom I love). I also decided to look up the movie since I had never heard of it before and it looks just as amazing. Put it on the list!

I actually decided to clean my computer today. I know, I know, I should do this more often but I just don’t. It took TWO cleaning cloths just to properly clean my keyboard! But now its all shiny and wonderful and I love it. It even works better. Sadly, yes, that’s how dusty it was- my computer was functioning on a lower level. Morale was down! So go clean your computers and they will love you back. Just a little cleaning cloth and some compressed air to show them some love.


~ by Rose on 19 September 2008.

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