My bag is packed

Well, we’ve been waiting for baby Micah to get here since Sunday. I’m getting impatient but becoming more patient at the same time because I want to see him (not in a 4D ultrasound covered in amniotic fluid and placenta) but I also really do want him to be born on my birthday! How awesome would that be?! Bethany I’m sure has her bag packed and she and Daniel are doing there best to get that baby out of her (safely that is). Why do I have a bag packed you may ask?
When Erin was born everyone and their mother was allowed in the room with her because it was a birthing center so no one really had any waiting room experience. When Brandon stormed into the world he did just that- stormed. None of us had even made it to the hospital before he was born. Then it was Trinity’s turn to be born. Bethany was in labor for 19 hours. This meant that Michelle and I spent that time in the waiting room. except that at roughly 5am we went to “nap” (I was texting while laying in Bethany and Daniel’s bed. That’s just not napping!) and were back at the waiting room by 7:30am. After spending the night in a waiting room I now know what is needed for that adventure.
What to Bring When You Will Be in a Waiting Room Overnight:

  1. Water Bottles- you will get thirsty. No Doubt.
  2. Healthy snacks- I packed two granola bars, apple juice, and my favorite organic crackers.
  3. Pillows- Waiting room chairs are NOT comfortable. Bring one for sitting on and one for laying your head on.
  4. Blanket- Hospitals are cold.
  5. Lightweight Jacket- Hospitals are cold.
  6. Unscented lotion- Hospitals are cold (do you understand?) and that cold can lead to dry skin. Women in labor often take offense to smells so don’t take a bath and body works lotion.
  7. Chapstick- see the above.
  8. Book- You need something to do with that time.
  9. ipod- Music is relaxing. Bonus- you’ll always remember what you were listening to at the time.
  10. Deodorant- Just trust me.
  11. Change for Vending Machines- At Kaiser said machines are in the basement while LD is on like the 5th floor or something like that. Really?! Put some in the waiting room!
  12. Thermas of Coffee- I suppose hot chocolate or tea would also work but I prefer coffee and it has more kick.
  13. Camera- This should be obvious. Although I didn’t actually pack one since Josh will be there with his camera as it is permanently attached to his person.

All of this fits in my Jansport backpack so it should work for you, too. The book I packed: Cure for the Common Life by Max Lucado. That way I’m learning something in my spare time. Its best not to be stagnant even while in the middle something like this.


~ by Rose on 23 September 2008.

One Response to “My bag is packed”

  1. Awww. I’m so excited! I’d better see pictures almost immediately! Are you going to camp out in my hospital too? hahaha. Or do I have to come down there and make “baby rounds?”

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