My Birthday

Yesterday was pretty great. I woke up late (9am) and made myself coffee (MMMM!) As the coffee was brewing I pulled my pillows and my favorite blanket into the living room so I could camo out all day. (What can I say? I’m a home body!) While I “ate” breakfast I watched The Pirate Movie. When that was over I started Saved! and drank some OJ. After Saved! ended I let the dogs in and we piled together on the couch to watch Elizabethtown. Even though no one seems to like this movie I love it. By the time Elizabethtown ended it was time to get ready. I have this trick for getting the smell of my perfume into my clothes without it being on my skin (so it stays fresh longer). I spray my clothes with a little of whatever perfume or bodyspray I want that day and stick them in the dryer for about 5 minutes. So I left with ipod for the laundry mat. When I got back I took a long shower and got ready to leave. I ran to the bank at 5:20p.m. My bank closes at 5:30 and at that hour, on Magnolia, on a Friday? I must be crazy, right? Well, I got there at 5:38p.m. and not only were the doors still unlocked but there were still open teller windows! I was so excited! I walked out talking to Natali on the phone even though I normally HATE talking on the phone in the car because it somehow confuses my mom or she and Lance start arguing and I can’t hear. Yesterday was no exception. Almost the instant I get in the car they start up. I told them, “I am on the phone! Seriously!” and that was it. They stopped. Its normally that easy and usually I just wind up rolling down the window trying to ignore the crazy speak coming out them. It was weird! Very, very weird! I looked at beautiful things at the mall while I waited to go to the restaurant, had a very tasty green tea latte that was actually made right (shock!), and saw the cutest tote bag that I have to go back for. Maggie was the first to show up to dinner. I was so happy that she came! We used to be pretty tight as kids but when her family left our old church I basically never saw her again. Now that we’re adults I’ve run into her a couple times on the internet and was really happy she could make it. Next it was John and Elise. John entertained Lance all night so that was a blessing! We all ate and talked and laughed. Our waitress was even from Sandals which was pretty awesome. I loved all my presents (partly because I registered for them). When I got home I started working on my thank you cards. Hopefully they’ll be done tonight.


~ by Rose on 27 September 2008.

2 Responses to “My Birthday”

  1. 😀

  2. Sounds like a fantastic day. Glad you had a happy birthday!

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