Tonight at church Matt challenged us to fast. Not just from food (although that certainly has its place) but to fast from things. You avid readers of my blog know that a few months ago I gave up the internet and television for two weeks and that it was really no sweat for me. Since I use the internet for keeping in touch and working I won’t give up the internet completely this time but a few key parts of it. So from this moment (10:44 pm on Sunday September 28th) until the beginning of Monday October 6th, I will not be on Myspace, Indie Exchange, Facebook, watching television, eating sweets or anything with added sugar (including organic cane sugar!!!). I will also be on a traditional fast on Friday. Keep me accountable because I know that if you are expecting me to be on track I’ll do a better job of staying on track. Thanks guys!

Revive My Passion For God


~ by Rose on 28 September 2008.

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