Fasting Part 2

Tomorrow is my food fast. I ate very little today so that my stomach would be ready for the lower intake. I think I’m ready for this. We’ll see. So far I’ve done pretty good on my other fasts. I even managed not to watch t.v. when other people in the room were watching. As a result my art blog is updated and cleaned up. (What else could distract me?) I’ve noticed that without t.v. I’ve become more interested in people. What I mean by that is that when they start talking to me I drop what I’m doing to listen. I think that’s a good thing. I almost had a slip up on Tuesday. I was over at the Dillon’s and Josh brought some cookies to Dawn and I said, “I want some!” I honestly forgot about the fast! I’m out of control! LOL. But Bethany caught it and said, “You can’t! Those are sweets, too!” Its starting to get easier to avoid these things. Jamie said something today that I choose to apply here. She said, “Sometimes its tough but then I remember why I’m doing it and it makes it easier. I just have to remember that I’m in a spiritual battle and I have to do this to grow.” We were talking about something completely different but its relevant here as well. I’m battling for growth. I’m sick of feeling stagnant. Tomorrow will be difficult but I will surround myself with friends that understand and that will make things smoother. And more accountable. That’s the thing about being alone- you can’t be your own accountability partner.


~ by Rose on 2 October 2008.

One Response to “Fasting Part 2”

  1. Fasting keeps the enemy away … Lord have mercy !

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