I Need Your Help

First off- Did you make sure you were registered to vote by yesterday? America needs your vote!

Also, I have always, always wanted to work in a bookstore. When I was little our mall had a Scribners’ with Kelly’s Coffee right next door. I don’t know how many other people from Riverside remember but I do. I loved it. It was my favorite place in the mall. It always smelled like books and coffee and had the most amazing architecture (crown molding, doric-like collumns, heavy Victorian style chairs) and was painted exactly in my style (cream colored walls with dark wood accents, navy blue trimmings and small smatterings of gold). Ever since then I have wanted to work in a bookstore. I’ve been applying to Barnes and Noble since I was 16 and have been applying every 90 days (legnth of time your application is valid) at Border’s. Nothing. I just put another application in tonight. Please pray that either I get the job or just learn to live with it.

That’s all for now.



~ by Rose on 7 October 2008.

2 Responses to “I Need Your Help”

  1. ME TOO! I used to live for Barnes and Nobes/Starbucks combos. I think I’ve been addicted to those places since I was like, 5 or 6. I can sit there forever with a good soy latte. Sadly, Bruce does not share my passions, so I don’t go as often anymore. I’ve applied at all kinds of bookstores and I’ve never gotten a call back. It’s truly depressing…. = (

  2. Hey i might be able to get u to work with if i get transferred to the grove library. we are starting a cafe there and its a 6 month contract…so think about it and let me know…

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