Spiders, Cars, Independence

I’m writing this blog with my music blaring (ageless beauty by stars). The music is so that I cannot hear the freaky conversation happening in the living room. The second I heard, “black widow” the music went on and I brought this page up. Ew. Freaking Ew. I really, seriously detest and am disgusted by spiders. I can clearly remember the first time I ever saw a black widow. It was at church. Okay I can’t talk about this.

I’m also listening to some of my favorite songs right now because I am so excited to be going to pick up my car tomorrow. ACK! I own a car! I own a car? A car! Crazy beans! (I say beans a lot… I need to work on that before Jonny and Michael realize this fact…) Alas, I do own a vehicle. A 1997 Chevy Cavalier to be exact. It only has 70,000 miles on it and I honestly could not be more happy about it! Why am I so happy to be the owner of a mediocre compact sedan?


  1. Its mine and its a car!
  2. It runs
  3. It only cost 4,000 bucks
  4. Because this car for me equals independence.

Independence. Its something our Forefathers dreamt of. Its the American Way. Its something I never have. I’m honestly so sick of always having my schedule based on that of my mom’s that I could scream. Its worth the minor financial strain to not have to feel opressed by the lack of mobility.

I HAVE A CAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


~ by Rose on 9 October 2008.

One Response to “Spiders, Cars, Independence”

  1. I KNOW I’M SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!!! yay for having 4 wheels!!

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