High Fidelity

The first time I saw High Fidelity I was in high school. I was home “sick” for the day and up for watching anything that would have offended my mom, the John Cusak factor was pure icing. Needless to say, I thought it was genius. I haven’t seen it since then. Why? Not sure. So I watched it tonight because, afterall, I have unlimited hours of play on Netflix, so why not? Natali told me a while ago to read the book because it was even better. Now, srsly? I cannot imagine this. Its not because after all the mistakes and everything he and Laura actually end up together I think its because of the mistakes. Does that make sense? I don’t really care if it does. I still love it for all its brokenness. I think I’ll be buying the book this week.


~ by Rose on 27 October 2008.

One Response to “High Fidelity”

  1. The book is pure gold. I saw the movie first and fell in love with how broken it was, then read the book and was utterly affected for weeks and weeks and weeks. It’s the sort of book that I re-read as soon as the impact starts to fade because I don’t think I could possibly live without that feeling of just having learned a great secret.

    Also – I do realize that I’m a complete stranger. I came across your blog by accident and have to say that I love it! I do believe that I’ll be frequenting this place!

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