Needing a Fix- and BAD!

I never noticed before how addicted I was to caffeine. The past few months I’ve been buying coffee even without my starbucks discount so I still was getting my fix everyday. Today, however, I woke up kind of late so I figured that because of the added sleep I didn’t need coffee. I got a massive headache by lunchtime. I popped a few advil but it didn’t help at all. The last time I didn’t get coffee when I first woke up was when we were headed to cabo and the coffee shop in Santa Rosalia wasn’t open yet. But I thought the headache was from being holed up in the car with two smelly boys for 22 hours. Nope. Apparently I am addicted to caffeine. Not that I intend to do anything about this addiction. Just thought I would acknowledge it.


~ by Rose on 29 October 2008.

One Response to “Needing a Fix- and BAD!”

  1. I’ve discovered that this is Starbucks’ evil plot. They give their workers free and cheap coffee and tada! Instant Starbucks-a-holic. It’s a good thing I can’t drink coffee right now… heeheehee.

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