Please stop sending me political emails with misleading titles!

Today I received an email from a friend titled, “10 Problems Begginning with Men.” I was expecting that same email that’s been going around for years (that still gives me a giggle) listing MENopause, MENengigitis, and other various physical ailments. Instead, its a Youtube video about a certain political issue becoming a big deal in California right now. What pissed me off wasn’t that this person had contradictory views (she doesn’t) it was that the whole thing was saying, “You should vote this way on this prop because the people on the other side are being meanies and defacing property. We aren’t doing that to them!” Truth be told- I love my right to vote. Women fought and lost everything (sometimes even their lives) so that I could have a say in what goes on in my country, state, city and school district. Voting excites me! I love waiting to see what things went the way I voted and what didn’t. Its a rush! But we all have to stop kidding ourselves. Rupublicans- some of you have bombed abortion clinics killing unborn children trying to stop the death of unborn children! Do you not see that there are some wackos on your side? If you don’t I seriously suggest using any search engine you like for articles about it. Democrats- some you guys do stupid things like vandalize personal property in the name of your cause. Now I will be the first one to say there is nothing wrong with having something political so close to your heart- its really a good thing! But don’t be a dumb-ass and deface personal, public, or city property because someone has a different view from you. Its like a great history teacher once told a friend of mine, “We are all terrorists, decended from terrorists.” Bombing an abortion clinic is a terrorist manoeuver because you are using the fear of personal harm to keep girls and women from being anywhere near one these clinics. Defacing personal property is terrorism because you are showing people what you are willing to do to them simply because their opinion differs- heaven forbid they act on it! So stop whining about what the other side is doing because it isn’t every democrat, it isn’t every republican… and FOR PETE’S SAKE THERE ARE OTHER POLITICAL PARTIES AS WELL!!! And we all have to live in the same country when all is said and done!

~ by Rose on 3 November 2008.

3 Responses to “Please stop sending me political emails with misleading titles!”

  1. And to be honest about a few things…1) what ever happened to respecting others opinions/views? 2) aren’t there other things we can spend our time/efforts/money on beside say yes to this say no to that? It has happened to me the last 2 times during voting season where I get to this point where i don’t freakin care anymore…just someone win so we get it done and over with. I’m just so tired of all the fighting!

  2. I’m not to the point where I don’t care, I don’t think I ever will be. But if you are going to send me something political, please do it with appropriate titles and think about what you are sending first!

  3. well yea i hate those…they do it all the time on myspace urg!!! lol

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