Rest In Peace

I give up looking.

On Saturday, October 11, Lance let Toby out for the last time. He wondered out, most likely to do his business, and never came back. We looked and looked all over our area and haven’t seen any trace of him. We’ve had pets my whole life so naturally, I have delt with the death of pets before but this time its different. Maybe because we didn’t get to say goodbye really or maybe because we haven’t seen a body to know that he’s dead. I keep thinking I hear him moving around in the other room or thinking I see him out of the corner of my eye. I came home this evening and noticed that something was sitting on the top of the stereo unit like he used to and my mind instantly thought that he had come home, but, alas, it was just my Harry Potter books.

To add insult to injury, I was supposed to be getting a new puppy from our next door neighbor. When his dog had puppies he had no idea what to do with them so we said we would take at least one. We even offered to pay him. He said that he didn’t want the money, just someone to take them off of his hands. About a week and half ago I asked them exactly when they would like me to come get the puppy. He said that he had to let the vet and a guy from Harbor Freight look at them first because they had also promised to take one. Then last Friday night he “snuck” the puppies into his truck and left. (If you want to be secretive and the way he was acting did make it seem so, wait until after midnight. srsly!) He came home a few hours later with no puppies.

It may seem ridiculous to be this upset over animals but I love animals. I love spending time with them, I love taking care of them, I don’t even mind the clean up. I just love them. Not to mention the fact that Ceasar went back on his word. I don’t know why he did it but I do think he feels guilty because he now if he sees one of us outside he goes back into the house as quickly as possible and avoids looking in our direction if he can help it. So ridiculous!


~ by Rose on 19 November 2008.

One Response to “Rest In Peace”

  1. we’ll miss you, you wild and crazy guy! 😉 so sorry about the puppies!

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