What That Says About You Pt. 1

We all have moments when we look at those around us and think, “Does [he/she] realize how ridiculous that makes [him/her] look?” I sometimes have those moments all day long.

Yesterday there was a young man on campus wearing black shorts and a white shirt, both completely covered in rainbow colored marijuana leaves. Seriously?! I mean, come on. What do you say we try one theme at a time; drugs OR homosexuality. Just sayin’. People kept staring at him, making comments, laughing, pointing. You can just imagine. Then I overheard him ask his friend why everyone was looking at them his friend said, “Because you look like homo, man!” The moral of the story is this: even if you aren’t wearing gay marijuana leaves, look the mirror before you leave the house!


~ by Rose on 2 October 2009.

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