My life in a paragraph can be found here:

I am a contradiction. I am anti-social but I can’t stand being by myself for more than a couple hours. I love to sleep but I never want to go to bed at the right time. I am technically healthy but always sick. I spend most of my time making jokes but I want people to see my serious side, too. I want to nurture people I love but I can never find the right way to do it so I just don’t try. I am very creative but rarely feel motivated to create. It’s very hard for me to trust people but I want to trust everyone.

I view fashion as an art form. Fall Fashion week is enough to leave me spellbound for weeks.

I loose everything. I leave things in people’s houses/cars. I even tried to leave my wallet in my hotel room in Santa Rosalia, Mexico. I forget to grab my cell as I leave the house for the day at least twice a month.

I read non-stop.

My major is Art History. I want to focus on Native American Art (Pacific North West).


8 Responses to “My life in a paragraph can be found here:”

  1. 🙂

  2. Excellent post. good luck.

  3. “what i want in life…

  4. what i want in life

  5. Nice post (y)
    love your writing.

  6. reminds me of me….

  7. FREAKKY, this sounds like me, only some parts though:
    the sleep part
    the technically healthy part
    the jokes vs. serious part
    the nurturing part
    the creative part
    the losing everything part

    wow, we have a lot in common 🙂

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